Into the wild.

Since I am alone this New Year's Eve, I thought I might be alone here, on WordPress. In my microgalaxy. I don't really want to talk how 2017 has been nor I will share how my 2018 will be, because I don't know, really. It's kind of sad that people reflect on their behaviour and … Continue reading Into the wild.


Was it fun? Weekend went by so so fast and because of my insomnia it collapsed into one day. I lost my ability to sleep. again. Everything started on Thursday, I took a nap for about 1,5h. Aaaand since then, I couldn't sleep until saturdays' morning. I had my first exam on Friday. After sleepless night which … Continue reading Was it fun?


assignments. Last year I graduated and decided, that it would be better if I go for a gap year and spend this year on something else rather than University. Yet in this spring I had to study for my University entry exams in order to get not only on my course but also a fellowship, … Continue reading I DID IT