As we overeat and celebrate Christmas Holidays I want to take a moment and write about a trip, which was... a lot for me, let's say. It broke me and made me feel all the best feelings at once, it made me feel Christmas. I am talking about my trip to Wroclaw. About a month … Continue reading Wroc-love


Next stop: Zakopane.

Once I came home from London I had 4 full days of work and meantime I had to pack for another exciting yet waaay different trip. This trip was a dream coming true, since I wanted to go to the mountains for a reaaally long time and now I got the opportunity so I used … Continue reading Next stop: Zakopane.

One day.

Yeah, my day off. I was planning this day so much since I was bored and sick of work yet still it took a slight turn. And although nothing too much happened I would like to write about it here. Surprisingly I woke up kinda early, before my alarm. Since I'm not able to rest … Continue reading One day.