Was it fun?

Weekend went by so so fast and because of my insomnia it collapsed into one day.
I lost my ability to sleep. again.
Everything started on Thursday, I took a nap for about 1,5h. Aaaand since then, I couldn’t sleep until saturdays’ morning.
I had my first exam on Friday. After sleepless night which I’ve spent thinking, making plans and reading I brushed my hair carefully and did my signature make up with horribly shaking hands. I live almost 10 km away from my University and I always go by bus, so I get ready before 7:15 am, yet that day I was ready by 6:30, so I went out. Went 5 km on foot. As a consequense, I took some pictures of still sleepy and misterious Cracow. I love it this way.

After an hour it was a normal, regular and very sunny day but I was very happy I went out earlier. Later on, in between lectures me and my friends went to Zakrzowek, a really lovely place 10 minutes away from my campus.

As I write about it I think to myself “oh my God, how much have I done.. in one day!” I should really get more sleep somehow..at least to remember and stay conscious of anything. Because later on Friday I went out to Karaoke bar, had a drink, went for a kebab and just had a really nice walk after midnight. I came back to my room before 3 am and could get a 5 hour sleep. What a win after +-24 h of being awake!

After 5 hours of sleep I got up on Saturday already, did laundry, tidied up, read a book and got ready for another “party” organised by Salesian Society which I am member of. There was good food, dancing, games and I had a nice evening in general.

Processed with VSCO with acg preset

I came back after midnight, 1-2 am on Sunday.. fell asleep at 3 and had the greatest sleep of all – it was 10 hrs long! I couldn’t move after that, I wanted to stay in bed for the whole day:D It took me so long to got up. I got dressed because I was about to leave in an hour and I don’t know what made me turn on my computer and start watching Mr. Robot.. but I would totally do that again. I was late but that was worth it. I am on season 3 already and I love it. I recommend it. ❤ I love it. oh maybe I should watch another episode now… anyway. I love Eliot. and everything.
Yeah, so I was late buut I still had fun. As a typical white people we had our hipster-ish talk at Starbucks. After that we went to see Christmas tree and that was a wrap.

I came back to my room, did things aand again, I couldn’t sleep. I went to bed at 10 pm but couldn’t fall asleep till 5 am. At least I had Elliot to keep me company. I had to wake up at 6 am but I wasn’t able to. In addition, I couldn’t care less about the lectures I had today. So I skipped that. Tidied up, tried to learn a new song. Now, I will just read and maybe paint something later.

..or watch Mr Robot from the 1st season


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