In a blink of an eye

Hello from Cracow, once again.

This one is random. It just needs to be here.
Time flies sooo fast, today, I found myself making a list of Christmas gifts for my friends and stopped for a while.
A lot of things happened and I would say a lot of things has changed, but for now can’t say much about that for sure. Maybe I need more time to notice anything, right now I feel kind of sad and homesick.
I have never thought I would feel this way actually. Maybe that’s dorm that makes me feel worse a bit, since I am not used to live with other people in one room, have no privacy.
I remember talking to one friend here, who was surprised that I don’t miss my hometown, parents or friends, he told me he could not live like me – going home for Holidays only. I was proud for a minute, but a second later I thought to myself that he might be true and I never actually thought about missing home. I don’t think I have much to miss but somehow it aches, somehow I want to go back even if for a day.
I went to the radio (yeah, You could hear me through the radio!) and we had a talk about that, about Poland, studies here, my feelings and me in general, which has nothing to do with this post’s topic (hm..what topic?..exactly) so I will just leave this here as a really nice and lovely experience.
I’ve been to a Halloween party. I hang out with people. I go for my own walks. I sleep worse than ever. Weather is terrible, there’s a problem with air. I can’t tell whether my studies are useless or not. I play ukulele, read books and cook for myself. All in all life is good and full of surprised and nice things, some days (like this) it takes more effort to notice that.
I go to Church every sunday. I sing there in choir. This makes me really happy. Every rehearsal, every meeting. I am truly happy there like nowhere else.
I am happy and thankful for everybody surrounding me at Uni. People are nice here. Yet something makes me blue, it might be that cold I’m having. Or I don’t know

Sometimes I call myself a circle because I’m pointless, such is this blog post. (:D haha:’) )
I don’t really know what I wanted to tell, but okay. I will just leave it here. With some pictures. I am alive, that matters. Everything will come, I will get better. Hopefully


I was happy here D:

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetIMG_4362

Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset

..or I might be there soon

or not


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