Last 9 days

Finally I have proper internet connection and some spare time to write here. It’s my first blog post from Cracow, Poland since I’ve recently moved in here. I am still trying to settle down and make my corner cozier, but I am getting there pretty soon.
It’s raining today and I feel kinda nostalgic and guilty for not writing this post for such a long time, but I will do it eventually. Now.
What I would like to share here today is how I spent my last 9 days in Vilnius. It might not the thaaat interesting, but I have some good things I would like to share.

19th.09 // Tuesday// Week before I went to a tattoo salon and made an appointment for a tattoo. And on the 19th of September I did it! To be completely honest, I had another idea of this tattoo and at first I wasn’t quite sure whether I like the sketch or not. I liked daisies (because that’s my sketch) but I wasn’t sure about those twigs tattoo artist added. But I did it anyways because overall it looked nice. And once I had it, I fell in love and I do not want it any other way.
20th.09 // Wednesday// This day was one of the best ones. I have been waiting for this day for such a long time: it was my last day at work. I could not be more happy about it and I am still very pleased. I did not like being barista (at the end) and I was terrible at it, especially at communicating with people. So that day I was set free.
21st.09 //
Thursday// 6 days left till my leaving. Which means its time to start going out with my close friends for “the last time”. So I went to meet my close friend K, and that was amazing, since we were together,  laughing and talking like it used to be. And that was a quality time, which happens not that often.
22nd.09 // Friday// On this day I had a meeting with scouts. I love every girl in my troop, this is important to me, and it was a good feeling to be among them for the last time in a while.

23rd.09 // Saturday// This day was extremely mad. I had photoshoot in the morning and after noon I had to meet with my friend A and her friend M which came to visit us from Poland. Photoshoot was a huuge success, I believe, it’s one of the best ones I had (well, I had only a few, but anyways:D ) pictures are soo dope, unfortunately, I can’t share it since I don’t have those yet, but I might once I’ll have it. With my friend-photographer we went to the Cat Caffe, cafeteria with cats in it. Soo cute, cats there are so lovely.
After this I ran on another meeting. We had fun in Holy Donut, place there You can eat heavenly donuts and enjoy some tasty tea.
24th.09 // Sunday// Today A, M and me went to Trakai. It’s nice to show someone my city and its local, let’s say, neighbourhood, since it’s also my last days here. We tried kibinai, which were my first kibinai in Trakai ever, later on we bought some sweets, visited the castle and got a boat to swim around, which was lovely. We sat down by the river and were attacked by a swan family, it was fun. not scary at all… 😉 😀
25th.09 // Monday// This day I spent in village at my grandmother’s. Nothing special about that, just a cozy day in my childhood lane.
26th/27th.09 // Tuesday// Last packing day. Did some shopping of things I needed and packed my bags.
Wednesday// Church. Sleep. Way to Warsaw.

To be honest I really wanted to go there and still I feel no longing, I have no regrets and am not homesick at all. I feel happy here, I am good here. I was good in Vilnius, but I needed Cracow for my personal reasons.. and for now – I am not disappointed. and hopefully – I won’t be.



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