You are so busy, my lovely London

About two weeks ago me and my friend stepped to an airport for the first time. We were tired but excited because of our trip to London, where we would meet our other friend and wander around past some places on our prepared lists. It was a dream come true.


Warsaw – our first destination. My friend fell asleep in the airport, yet I didn’t and I wasn’t sleeping for 24 hrs.

Day one: typical London’s weather & typical London places
Our first flight was a success and we were really happy about the clouds, being comfortable, warm.. Yet once we stepped out in Luton’s airport (which is a crazy place) it was freezing. Wind was cold and unpleasant. We found our way to the bus stop and went to the city. We were kinda sleepy but we couldn’t stop admiring the landscape, cars, houses and the level of admiration went up when we were in London.
Once we were at her place, had breakfast, unpacked – we went for a walk.


Bullet building // Underground trips // Soho


fragment of the Trafalgar square // The National Gallery // China Town entry


awkwardly happy me w/ Big Ben // My friend w/ Big Ben // Big Ben


Tower bridge, of course

It seems like we haven’t seen a lot, but we were so tired and so overwhelmed by the city and its people.

Day twoooo: still a tourist and weather hater

That day was exciting, we went to the Natural History museum, which I enjoyed a lot. It was crowded, of course, and some things You barely could see, touch or try yourself due to that constant variety of people. It’s actually waaay easier to tell everything with photographs, so take a look:


me being legit scared of a dinosaur šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ // way up : earthquakes and stones display, I love stones šŸ˜€ so that was interesting for me. It was beautiful! // another one, floating dinosaur! scary and majestic. // me with a Jupiter. ^_^ somewhere in the Space related exhibition.//

These pictures are actually a drop in the ocean, Museum itself is huuuuuge.. it takes some hours to go through everything. So after that we went…


somewhere to the Buckingham Palace through the Marble Arch (it’s not the same Arch as there’s on a picture, I just can’t remember what this one is…>< yet it’s close, I promise!) // My friend showing You a Buckingham’s Palace // Us both :3 // our treat which was heavenly.

before running out of ideas what to fit into that day, we went on a..


..double-decker! // to Sherlock Holmes House on Baker Street. // Big Ben was asking for a selfie on our way back home, so we shoot one. B) // Aaaand I took one for Biggie personally. With random dude. ><

As I write about it now it seems like how could we get so tired, but we were… so we went home, chilled for a bit and went to see night London.

After that we came back, had a drink and ordered some food. yuuummm.

Day threeee already??: Is math related to science and other existential questions.

It’s a dead meme already, but I could find out myself: is math related to science? at The Museum of Science.


Basically, two pictures in the middle are from that Museum. That was probably the worst museum for me.. I had some expectations and that place happened to be not even close to that, maybe that’s why I did not enjoy it too much. // Afterwards we went to Starbucks where I got Chai tea, which wasn’t even close to what I have expected – again. And my name was spelled badly:D which I am used to, so it’s okay.

We were running out of ideas what to do, so we went to the Greenwich. It was raining and that made my crisis deeper:D Greenwich was my main dream and goal last year, as a place to live and study and seeing it now, as probably the prettiest place in whole London (in my opinion) made me regret my decisions once more, luckily, for a bit.


these are just small fragments of Greenwich.

I don’t want to get into details and I don’t have too much pictures since it was raining and I was a bit scared for my camera. But that place is really beautiful and seems like a nice runaway for tired ones.

time flies aka day four: Goals of London’s sad criminal.

whoa, jovi, what a smart day title, You may think. šŸ˜€ but let me explain myself.


Picture from the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral. That was my goal. To enter it. To be there for a while. Let me be honest – it is forbidden to take pictures in there, yet I saw people taking some so I did the same. And this first picture is the only one I am sharing, other ones – from the inside – I am leaving only for myself, my mother and granny. I took pictures – did the forbidden, so I am not sharing. // Me sitting on a REGULAR bench in Covent Garden Market.. unbelievable. If we had these in Vilnius, they would be destroyed on their first day or filled with kids growing up too fast 24/7 // After that we went to the National Gallery and saw masterpieces there of both known and unknown artists. //Ā After hours of wanderings we went back home to pack our bags since we had flight that night. But before that we went on another walk through night London… was just two of us, since one girl wasn’t feeling too well to go. So we wandered around, shared stories and I had an ability to say personal goodbye and stuff.. Generally, it was kind of a sad time with a lot of talks on sensible topics and there is nothing more I want to tell here about it. We came home. Had some toasted bread. Took our bags and went to crazy Luton, where we got on our plane to Warsaw. From Warsaw we had a bus to Vilnius, our home.

To conclude everything – London is a busy place with reckless and careless drivers, people in a hurry, lots of rain, heavy and grey clouds, sweet tea and majestic architecture. There is always something happening and life never stops there. It is a big, full of possibilities and breathtaking city. And I am sure I will be back someday. But maybe again, just for a while.


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