I should be sleeping.

Being armpit-busy whilst going through 9 circles of hell is not the best feeling, actually.

At this point I am more happy and excited to quit my job than go for my studies abroad. I had to go through some circles recently (and I still am), feeling all the blues and loneliness.
While I am waiting for my analog pictures (which have to be ready on Monday or Tuesday) I might just share here some things which are not work-related and make me happy. And still I remain really grateful for anything what is happening (except work><) to keep me distracted and joyful.

I don’t know how but I feel really blessed to have some people who will appear out of nowhere and ask how am I, asking me when I’m free to hang out or just wishing to talk. And even if they won’t know how messed up I feel their presence will be the best cure and therapy I might have. Some events and circumstances make me happy, also. As if someone is watching and taking care of me sending all this on my way.
I loooove Sunflowers, this flower is so joyful and happy so I bought myself some to cheer myself up. And it helps, for a while.
I actually love meeting people, wow. It happens not so often since I work a lot, but once I am hanging out with someone – it’s always fun and worth writing. It is nice to share thoughts, laughs, eat together and just wander around the city, discover every corner of it, finding and devouring its architecture and its life.
With my other friend here, we tried to take a “family photo”. Us and a pug.
That walk was extremely fun and pleasing. I left my phone at home to charge and we took a camera and a pug for a walk in woods. Maybe that was my phone, since I didn’t have it I could sincerely pay attention to my friend and nature, and that made me really happy. To be present and pay attention and feel so much closer to someone I didn’t in a while. We had a normal talk, like it use to be.
And we might meet soon. Or not.

.. life is crazy, and I try my best to stay strong and love it. Yet right now, I should be sleeping before my upcoming 4 days of work. August seems to be even more wild. But I am happy to see what it will bring. Right now I have to get ready for my trip to London and Zakopane later. And a ton of work, meetings, University stuff and documents. Oh, and my well-mental-being, how could I forget. :’D



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