Hello c:
today I had a good day and thought I might share it here.
While I am waiting for my pictures from Cracow I will share some pictures of me.:D
I met my friend today which I haven’t seen in a while, we went for a walk and she took some pictures of me – some of them I consider really nice, let me put it here

I don’t really know how to pose so I always end up being really awkward, especially with my hands, I don’t know where to put it 😀
Here I am sincerely about to discover something…..
I look super confused but I promise, I was really excited to find out I have pockets in my dress:D
This is that kind of a picture which You really like at first because awww look at that smile and joy and whatsoever… yet once You watch too much You might start to unlike it:D at least I have this thing with this picture.
I don’t know, this is just a simple picture of me with some flowers, nothing special and somehow I kinda like it. It’s okay, I mean. This picture somehow reminds me of Cracow and by the way, I got accepted to the University and tomorrow I am going to Cracow with my documents to legally become a student. I don’t know, I have mixed feeling on that, but maybe about that anytime later.
These two are probably my favorites. Especially the second one, it is just so artsy and cool:D Sunray is real there, not edited or Photoshoped. My jaw line looks fiiiine and I don’t know, I just like this one. However the first one is more sincere, cute and positive. This is never ugly. (but my face is kinda ???:D)

In general, I am enjoying my, finally, warm days. I work extra hours and had a lot of stress due to my documents and things related so I think that’s really beneficial to take a while and just be and enjoy Your free, in a way, time. At nights after work I watch Vikings, I got really hooked.  And probably I will go and watch some now.



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