One day.

Yeah, my day off.

I was planning this day so much since I was bored and sick of work yet still it took a slight turn. And although nothing too much happened I would like to write about it here.

Surprisingly I woke up kinda early, before my alarm. Since I’m not able to rest for a really long time now it was really unexpected to wake up that early, probably my biological clock is messed up. PhotoGrid_1498057752987.jpg

I got out of bed, cleaned my room a bit while water was boiling, ate little and started my morning routine, which, in fact, consists of only washing my face and brushing teeth:D (ALSO can You see how I love rabbits)
I started procrastinating with YouTube, checked email, did some bookings.. put on some make up and nice clothes and went out to complete my day.
I bought some (okay, a lot of) socks I needed and headed out to the Gym. I bought my membership in April and I really loved it (although my personal trainer wasn’t so good or useful and I would always feel bad near him) and after our last training with him (before Easter in May) I slacked off and going there today, after all this time, was a really stressful and awkward feeling.. I found myself going anywhere but gym thinking of any reasons I shouldn’t go.

Yet I ended up there. And also, it was my first time going there alone. So that’s an achievement for me:D (a multiple, actually.) I couldn’t do much but still proud of myself and my babysteps.
After Gym I went on another cardio – shopping.:’) I spent waaay too much money on unnecessary things, like
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but it’s cute. I needed that. I will wear it. It was on sale okay? Well, at least I comfort myself like that:D

Today’s weather was unsettled, where was that gale-force-wind and I was really scared it would blow away not only my cap but me as well. Seriously. BUT AT THE same time sun was shining with no shame and rain started pouring down and sun was shining again the other second and ANYWAY. I was at the park sitting under the Jasmin tree (which actually dragged me to that place), enjoying gusts of wind, sunshine and moment itself.PhotoGrid_1498057899460
obviously I had to take some pictures, I love the scent, tree, and everything.

Place had a little bush of roses, too. It was lovely.
On my way back home it started raining and I was unable to pick up some field flowers to bring home but maybe I will be able to do it tomorrow. Of course, I had no umbrella so I got soaking wet and now I will cuddle up with my blanket and hope I won’t get sick. I think I will chill and binge-watch some Shane conspiracy videos once more.. or ridiculous videos of him trying on girly stuff. I don’t even know:o

Tomorrow (I hope) I will be home alone so I will be able to learn something on my Ukulele. I have a playlist of songs which I would really like to learn, BUT it will be hard and I don’t know how to do so since not every song has any type of tutorial on the Internet.. but maybe I will manage to learn by myself >< so I would use any help :’) or I will give up D: I HOPE NOT

aaaanyway. That’s it. Yeeah. Going on YouTube now, bye!:D


p.s. I am really happy being able to chill, seriously.  Had a really harsh and stressful period recently so it’s sooooo refreshing to walk there enjoying myself. Having time for myself. Being excited of everything turning out really well. I would totally recommend it to anyone!