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Last year I graduated and decided, that it would be better if I go for a gap year and spend this year on something else rather than University. Yet in this spring I had to study for my University entry exams in order to get not only on my course but also a fellowship, funding possibilities. AND I DID IT.
Yes, since I registered for my exams I thought I will study so hard, as we probably all say during our exams. But reality was kind of different. Since I had a gap year I did not studied a thing so it was a challenge to make myself do it, as if I had to learn how to study once again. I started studying like…2 weeks before my polish and history exams and only week before I took it much more seriously.
Yesterday was the great day of my exams. Polish, first exam, was ridiculously easy yet the next one -history- was waaay harder. It was not something I expected and it was a pity I studied things which did not appeared on the exam. I was kinda disappointed on my wasted time. And todays was the day when I got my results. And it was waaay better than I could ever ask for. I got 215 out of 250, which I consider a great score! And I am reaaaally proud of myself. And now I can simply enjoy things the things I did – with ease. c: And I am enjoying a loooot of great thing. Life is beautiful. life is good.
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
There’s a spring-ish photo of me and my narcissus. I am happy.

Cracow, see You in a bit.
I hope so



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