Spring’s mixtape

Long time no post. Upcoming exams, studies, work, writing, drawing, learning, meetings, worries and other spontaneous things I have to do at a time keep me armpit-busy. Yet right now I am feeling a bit under the weather with a terrible flu so I thought it’s about a time to write here and share my favorite music or musicians, bands at the moment, which I may find therapeutic, fun or just enjoyable in a way.


I get so much great use of Spotify thanks to my friend. I mean, brother:D aaah wouldn’t that be the same OH come on let’s talk about music.:D


Glass Animals is a band I know for a while yet I never actually listened to them and recently I discovered their ZABA album which was released in 2014, and YES I discovered it just now. I like that album in general, the way it looks and sounds. But mostly I like Pools and Black Mambo songs, so I listen to these more.
Now, A$AP ROCKY is someone I was avoiding for a really long time. He seemed to me such uninteresting persona and I jumped into conclusion that I won’t like his songs. Yet here I am, listening to Electric Body and Love$ick. Yes, I don’t enjoy his every song, I am really picky and these two just seem ‘right’.
I like indie rock/pop music so Young the Giant is just right. And here, still, I remain picky, yet I can’t just sit calmly listening to Silvertongue or other songs. It gets me sooo hyped and I like that really much.
I told about being picky on A$AP ROCKY as a rapper, yet here I am with Joey Bada$$. I know him for a while since my close friend loves him, yet I never got to listen to him by my own, and Spotify makes that so easy. First song I heard from him is Hazeus View and since then it remains my favorite one. Still, I am picky with rap so it’s hard for me to enjoy his every song, yet I like most of them.
Flume, oh my dear Flume. This is something I never thought I would like. But I love Skin album, especially Skin Companion’s EP I and II – especially.

Let’s hurt tonight is a song by OneRepublic, which I love since it’s been released. Do I even have to comment on that?
NOW. KENDRICK LAMAR. I don’t even know where to start my description on how much do I love him and his music.  And HUMBLE just had to be on my playlist since its day one. I love it. Oh I love it so much. I love Kendrick. aaagh
I have no idea how The Baseballs got to be on my playlist with their funky covers yet I really enjoy it, they make me feel so happy and hyper with Lucky Guy (because I feel kinda lucky and joyful mostly so this became my mantra hahah)
Good, old Ben Howard. His songs are not new on my playlist, although Only Love is. I don’t know how could I miss such song. I love it. It’s more melancholic on the contrary, yet it’s just right after a long, busy and hard day.

And that’s probably it. A lot of songs are not new or most recent and popular, yet I just felt like sharing it here now. And yes, that’s not everything I listen to, obviously.
Right now, I’m gonna take on my headphones and search for a bike, write some letters and schedule my upcoming week. It’s Easter! Resurrection Sunday! I am excited!

Have a nice weekend, y’all.,

OH AND BY THE WAY.  My Spotify username: yoweeta


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