busybusybusy aaaghh

It’s been a long time since my last post and I have some things to tell and show.

Right after the weekend I wrote about earlier I had an overwhelming amount of work to do. I had to cover a lot of shifts at work as well as work my own hours so I had to work for 9 days straight, mostly for 12hrs per day, which was crazy. It passed, luckily, and I thought I would be too exhausted to do a thing (which in fact I was), yet I had to do a lot of stuff and surprisingly it went well and I wasn’t troubled and weighed down by it. So, here, now, I will write some of them.
Tuesday, the 14th.
That was my first day of after working non-stop for nine days and I thought I would get some rest, snuggle all day with my cat in bed or watch some Breaking Bad, yet of course, it turned out to be different. Early in the morning I had to go to the city for some appointments and shopping, I came home quickly, baked cupcakes and headed on to my friend’s home for a visit.
She wanted to have an Interview with me, as with a person who overcame serious bullying and depression (in a way). We had a lovely and open talk about it and later we just had fun:D we ate, we laughed and shared a lot. It was lovely and precious, I really missed her since we don’t get to meet often.


Thursday/Friday, the 16th/17th.
On Thursday I had more like a real-day off, after some doctor appointments, shopping and stopping by a local library. When I got home I played on my ukulele and I am kind of excited of my progress. And nothing more of that day, actually.


1 cupcakes || 2 snapshot from the concert – that was nice but since I came there after work I was exhausted and couldn’t enjoy music completely so I went home after somewhat and hour || 3 me and my uke || 4 random picture kind of showing my new scarf and some papers for my doctors to fill in

Yet Friday was more intense and busy. I had to go on my appointments (yes, again, and that’s not the end) and a bank. I had to rush because I had to meet with my other friend. And we had some great time together. It’s strange, to be honest, but lovely and fun.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

and this is us! We were accidentally matching:D 

Our weather is crazy, literally. Sun might shine in the morning, on the afternoon the rain will pour down and snow on the evening. Or wind. Or sun. You should expect everything – it’s unpredictable. And sad, how am I supposed to ride my bike?:( (I don’t have it yet though, but I consider on getting one). And right now I am back at work and all of the interesting stories are over.

Although this spring appears to be really busy I am really loving the idea of it being this way, not any other. And I hope it will be positive, with a lot of sunshine and great time for everyone.




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