First weekend

I’ve been waiting for it sooo much. I thought I would never say that, but I am done with winter so far. I love winter, I like snow and it always gives me that cosy feeling inside being so bloody cold outside. BUT this year was somehow different, I don’t know why, maybe because of a lot of things happening or what but it got to that point where I was angry like never before about winter. The cold made me feel upset, angry, lonely and as bitter as it felt on my nose and freezing fingers. I lost count of how many times I lost my mittens  which made me feel more sad and devastated in general. I started hating those dark and short days which made me feel trapped with nothingness and boredom. I need orange sunshine, blue skies, heat, warm, green grass, light clothes. Yet right now I feel weighed down by my scarf and massive warm coat covering my 3 extra jumpers. BUT HERE IT IS – Spring is finally coming :33

Weather is still unsteady, it’s raining at one minute and on the other one it’s sunny yet it starts snowing later on and I’m not even exaggerating.1

This weekend my mom and me decided to go on a Kaziukas fair, which happens, if I am not wrong, every first weekend of March. That is a laaaarge annual folk arts and crafts fair in Vilnius ‘celebrated’ form the beginning of the 17th century, so that’s one of the oldest traditions of Vilnius city. We managed to see little because we had almost no time and the weather was crazy – it started pouring down so bad we decided to go home. Yet once we got home we packed a bit and went to the countryside to visit my grandmother and aunt.

(You see, when I said about the weather I wasn’t joking – first picture with my selfie on the right side was taken 10 minutes before this picture above with clear sky.)
These were just some random pictures from my granny’s home. We did a lot of cleaning. I found my drawing (one You can see:D that’s one from my “fairytale” about that sad wolf crying by the river and being cheered up by a dog:D) and evening we spent at our aunt’s place, I actually fell asleep there after filling in my journal.
These are some really random shots from our way back home. Some spring-ish forests, my lame outfit and my mother repairing her car. 😀 There’s nothing more to tell about that. Yet on my way back home I asked my friend if she would like to meet once I get home and luckily she could. So we met, had some food, desserts mainly, and went for a walk which was really lovely, we went on a place where we used to go after school, had a nice and fun chat remembering our past. We decided to take some pictures

My posing skills are so bad, second and last pictures are proof of that. I was just overjoyed:D We have no good picture of us because of quality (since it was getting dark) and just, we are not the best looking today:D Yet we went for a walk further, talked, talked and talked. Aaand stopped for some warm tea and cacao.

Right now I am sitting and writing this post (which is not the best since I wasn’t planning this one) yet I felt need to share this here. By my side there is a burning candle called “Summer” which smells amaaaazing and makes me feel hopeful for upcoming spring and summer. And I hope it will be good. For me. For You



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