Cold Warsaw

About a month ago I’ve decided to go and visit my friend in Warsaw, Poland. She is
studying there so I thought that would be amazing if I would go and visit Warsaw once more and spend some time with my friend. I planed a short-term trip and booked my tickets for February. This week, on Tuesday, early in the morning I left Vilnius and went to Poland.2017-02-10 04.28.17 1.jpg

Right when I left the bus in Warsaw I was super excited to see her and somehow I was overjoyed, that was really strange considering my  sympathy for Warsaw (which is, in fact, not that big:d).

I met her and her friend which was supposed to wander around with us. Obviously, was not bothered by her company, but I was really annoyed by the weather. It was terrible. It was snowing, wind was really heavy and cold and with that going on outside a lot of our plans were cancelled. Despite that, we visited some things and one of those was Warsaw’s National museum. It was huge and we thought we won’t manage to go through everything yet we were okay. I really enjoyed that, yet it wasn’t something I  expected. That was something like an art gallery, it had lots of paintings (mostly paintings), sculptures, and I thought it would be more history related. But that was exciting, either way. We did some shopping after that and in the evening enjoyed some sweet wine and chats, which was lovely and fun.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

On Wednesday, our last day before leaving, we had planed a lot of visiting, wandering, yet it was too cold. So we managed to go to only one museum, yet we spent more time there because that was really interesting. That was Warsaw’s Rising Museum. It’s a  museum which was opened as a tribute for those, who fought with residents for independent Warsaw and Poland in XX-th century. That was just mind-blowing and amazing. I really enjoyed wandering there, looking at war’s leftovers, documents, weapons and other things related to Warsaw’s Rising. (side note, how amazing and inspiring sounds this word?? RISING?? or it’s just me?:D); We did some shopping again and went back to the dorm for some relax. We had warm and cozy  evening there, watched some movies, cooked.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Early in the morning we had to leave. I was feeling really sick and weak on my way back home, for no particular reason. As soon as I came home I downloaded a movie (La La Land) and watched it under my blanket. Had a warm and relaxing evening.Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

To conclude my trip I would say, that it wasn’t the way I planed it, but that’s understandable and totally  fine. I met my friend – which was my main goal, and I am sure I am not visiting Warsaw for the last time.

Anyone who’s reading this – I hope You are fine.
I hope the rest of my month will be as productive as it is now.



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