Making h15tory for seven years

Today is the 1st of February but I really want to share here my last weekend of January: some thoughts, memories and something really precious for me.

I am really proud to say I have been a scout for seven years and still counting. SEVEN YEARS, that’s crazy. It means I am participating there since I was almost 11.
I am struggling so bad to participate right now as much as I could back then, go on trips and meeting with my troop, yet it gets really hard because of the work I have.
Yet this post will be my troop and Scout organisation appreciation post.:>

Everything started in 2010, when one of my classmates asked me if I would like to join them. I asked my parents and they agreed. I had really fun and nice time on our meetings and in winter I went on my first trip which was unforgettable and I had soooo much fun. I participated everywhere with huge enthusiasm and I felt really happy. Soon enough Scouts became really important for me, mainly because with them I could feel happy, cared, free, important and progressing personality. I had my downs – times, where I wasn’t participating for several reasons (stupid ones, from todays perspective) but I kept coming back.  And I don’t regret it.
A lot of people are asking me, why do I still participate there giving me quite logical reasons why I shouldn’t, yet that’s just something I just can’t give up. Something, that had (and still has in a way) gigantic impact on me and my personality. I don’t know if I could I talk like I do, dream that big, could I behave, could I love unconditionally and be loyal no matter what if not this organisation. Staying around such people back then made me feel happy and worthy, I was inspired to do good, because that mattered. I saw goodness winning so I didn’t wanted to be the other way. And I still don’t want that, of course. There I made a lot of friends, met a lot of people I can’t imagine my life without, made a lot of memories. And some of them I will share. In pictures.

 this is where we are now. I tried putting these pictures in chronological order. A lot of pictures are lost and this is just some precious moment I was able to find. Quality is not the best, yet every picture means a lot for me.
I really hope everyone has or will have such an important thing in their lives, as Scouts are for me.



3 thoughts on “Making h15tory for seven years

  1. MJ Cobra says:

    This looks and sounds so fun. In the USA, we have Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, and unfortunately I didn’t get to continue on in Girl Scouts, because I moved states and couldn’t find a new troop. These types of organizations are great, especially for the more introverted, and I whole-heartedly believe in the positive impacts you mention. I’m glad you’ve kept at it for as long as you have, and may you have many more fun adventures!


    • yowitha says:

      That’s a pity You couldn’t find a new troop! Because as we know, scouting is interesting and adventurous, so that has to be kind of sad You can’t participate anymore because there are no troops at Your place :/ especially if it was really important for You. And yes, that’s totally right about being introverted in such an organization – that helped me so much to deal with my mental issues. I hope one day You will be able to join one of the troops and have fun adventures and positive impact on Your life as well! ❤

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