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Today is the 1st of February but I really want to share here my last weekend of January: some thoughts, memories and something really precious for me.

I am really proud to say I have been a scout for seven years and still counting. SEVEN YEARS, that’s crazy. It means I am participating there since I was almost 11.
I am struggling so bad to participate right now as much as I could back then, go on trips and meeting with my troop, yet it gets really hard because of the work I have.
Yet this post will be my troop and Scout organisation appreciation post.:>

Everything started in 2010, when one of my classmates asked me if I would like to join them. I asked my parents and they agreed. I had really fun and nice time on our meetings and in winter I went on my first trip which was unforgettable and I had soooo much fun. I participated everywhere with huge enthusiasm and I felt really happy. Soon enough Scouts became really important for me, mainly because with them I could feel happy, cared, free, important and progressing personality. I had my downs – times, where I wasn’t participating for several reasons (stupid ones, from todays perspective) but I kept coming back.  And I don’t regret it.
A lot of people are asking me, why do I still participate there giving me quite logical reasons why I shouldn’t, yet that’s just something I just can’t give up. Something, that had (and still has in a way) gigantic impact on me and my personality. I don’t know if I could I talk like I do, dream that big, could I behave, could I love unconditionally and be loyal no matter what if not this organisation. Staying around such people back then made me feel happy and worthy, I was inspired to do good, because that mattered. I saw goodness winning so I didn’t wanted to be the other way. And I still don’t want that, of course. There I made a lot of friends, met a lot of people I can’t imagine my life without, made a lot of memories. And some of them I will share. In pictures.

 this is where we are now. I tried putting these pictures in chronological order. A lot of pictures are lost and this is just some precious moment I was able to find. Quality is not the best, yet every picture means a lot for me.
I really hope everyone has or will have such an important thing in their lives, as Scouts are for me.