Oh? Hello?

Thoughts of this blog haunt me. I have been feeling guilty for abandoning it and I really wanted to delete it. Delete everything I have here so far – every post, because that’s cringe, at this time, hahah:D and have a fresh, new start.
But somehow I keep myself from doing that. I just thought that deleting every post it’s pointless – how senseless posts would be. What is more, I want to write more here.
I was going through this blog, everything (as little as it seems) I have posted means something, and how ridiculous it is – that’s mine. I had some great flashbacks on WYD 1 or WYD 2. And how much of my life isn’t mentioned here! There’s so much more behind. So much more I haven’t posted. And I can’t tell why. I don’t know that myself.

I have never believed I am a good writer or artist or whoever and whatever someone might call me, maybe because I have never tried to be one. I have been waiting for someone to make me an artist, writer, amazing and experienced person, and I never believed I shall be the one who sculpts me, someone, who puts effort and makes me a better person. Behind every writer or an artist stands no one but himself. The best teacher You have is Your life, time and Yourself. And if I stand here in the shadow, waiting for someone to take care of me – I might lose my life and waste that person I have to become.
(Oh, that was a nice self note!)

This year seems to be good. Maybe that’s just me, feeling ready to conquer and make this year good. And I hope this platform will be some kind of journal – how it had to be on the first place – where I share my path.

For everyone who might be reading this – have faifth and strength.


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