Well done.

feel free to put comma in the middle, if You want to.

I have always been that kind of person who needs to share something with anyone. I like being open about things I do or I would like to, so I always need someone or some kind of space to share my thoughts. I always choose people or the Internet (blog, e.g.).
I created this blog because I wanted to share things I do or think. Yet somehow I keep forgetting about this platform and a lot things are not mentioned here. At this point I don’t even know why this platform still exists if I have nothing to share. Why do I exist if I have nothing to share? Well, maybe I should not go that deep and that question wasn’t rational 😀

The thing is that I always need someone/thing to keep me going, because I really hate doing things for myself. I don’t know why, I just don’t feel like “treating myself”, I like baking for someone rather than myself. I would like to learn something if I would have anyone I could share my knowledge with. And I get really attached to people I am with. I become selfless. I am selfless.
I slowly get to that point where I get to understand a lot of things and I crave ‘something’ in my life. Something I could share. Something I could keep and cherish. Something to sculpt me.
When people feel hungry – they go to the fridge to get some food. When people are thirsty – they drink. And when people get bored and sad in their lives it’s a signal from their inner space about hunger and thirst – adventure, knowledge, education, changes, and ‘something new’ hunger and thirst in their existence.
This is there I am now. This is what I feel now.
See You soon.

I really hope this Advent will change a lot and bring so much happiness to Your home and mind.


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