Film photographs

I am not one of those who dresses up for Halloween and so on, but this year I had a little celebration with a gift for myself – analog camera. I bought Zenit 11, loaded it with a roll and started taking pictures. Today I finally got my results so I will share my photographs from this week here.
Note : I am new in analog photography. I might “know” a lot about it but this is my first ever camera. Mine, not somebody’s.
Lightmeter is broken so it’s more complicated taking good pictures, because You have to literally guess which adjustments to apply before taking pictures.

I have only 17 pictures, other 9 were not good enough to print.

And these are the pictures I wanted to share. Only 12, but other ones aren’t that good for sharing. Although these are not the best as well, but I got another roll of film and I will use it wisely, I hope


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