Good old days

A couple of day ago I had a meeting, which was kinda special for me. Most of the people when being asked about their hobbies tend to mention how much do they like meeting their friends. So it might look silly I dedicate this post for my friend, to write about meeting which hundreds of people have everyday. But thing is – I don’t, so I will write it down to remember and make it immortal. 

I don’t remember being with her alone. Always we have 3rd person and almost every time it’s her boyfriend. She changes and we can’t have a proper talk because of him – I can’t be myself, she acts differently and we are just awkward 😀 When we meet we always have what to talk about, we laugh at things, discuss things and in general – we are having good time. We know each other for almost 10 years (oh my:oo) and we have lots of memories and that bond between us which I don’t know what could ruin.

We went for a walk first and passed through this building which I always take the picture of. It just looks so mysterious and creepy in a way which is amazing.

It was cold outside and we couldn’t walk too much so we decided to have a cup of coffee. I don’t drink coffee so I had hot chocolate with cream instead (and one slice of cake). It was super artsy 😀

I got to know some new things about her and I am really excited about that. We took some pictures, there is one :

 There is me on the 2nd picture trying to look mysterious D: well, I tried

When she went home I had to go as well and this is the picture I took going to the bus station. Leaves had such a nice golden colour, my phone camera wasn’t able to capture it, yet it looked really hear-warming and I stopped to take a picture 😀

On my way back home I felt relieved and blessed having a friend and finally being able to spend some time with her.

Cherish your relationships



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