5 things for 30 days.

It’s weird and awkward to keep saying “i will write here more often” and write once a month..:D
But I am not giving up yet. September was challenging – I had extreme breakdowns, paranoia, anxiety and it was really hard to deal with headaches and terrible nausea and, I guess, food poisoning.
I won’t get into negative details – I am just feeling myself better. Today I thought I just might share 5 things which made me feel better in September.:D (till this day of course, and probably for the rest of my life)

1. A cat


Goga (that’s my cat’s name) is something that makes my days easier. Coming back from work tired and cold, coming back from a meeting, walk – anything – Goga is always down to cuddle and take a nap together. 

2. Books


Without any doubt – books made me feel better. I haven’t read a lot in September and I really felt strange about it. I was in the library yesterday and it felt soooo bad turning back 3 books I didn’t read (had 2 month for it). I read two of them but not till the end.. So I decided to take two instead of 4-5 (as I usually did) and read at least this for now. I took “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame” by Victor Hugo (in lithuanian) and “Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov (in russian), and I am really excited to read those.

3. Shopping. Makeup.


It’s really weird for me to type such things because all my life I’ve been a tomboy – and I still am, but in addition I have some make up and skirts.:D In fact I have never bought makeup for myself, for MY OWN money, I always used something my mom doesn’t like, need or use, so I never had my OWN makeup, You can see by looking how small my “makeup bag” is 😀 but now I am changing kinda and I can proudly say, I recently purchased my very own foundation, some make up brushes, face masks, hand cream aaaand eyeshadow palette.

4.  Friends.

Since I spend minimum 15 days a month (+11hrs per day) at work it’s hard to find time for friends that would fit us both. I miss a lot of opportunities to do things I did a while ago, I miss some people and it makes me feel lonely and sad because I really started enjoying talking to people and unfortunately, I get to do it rarely. It’s a big change for me, because I have always been an introvert – I am still shy and awkward, but now time spent with my mates is more precious than ever and I try to cherish it and take the best of it.

5. Autumn coziness.


Candles, hot drinks and snuggling into a warm blanket when it’s so cooold outside on Your free day – what could be better?!  I really love candles, especially in autumn/winter time. The more candles – the better everything is! I got 3 cranberry scented candles what remind me of autumn and 1 in strawberry to remind me of summer (all from Ikea)
I realized recently how tasty and calming peppermint tea is so I enjoy a cup (or 10) everyday with no shame. And since it gets colder day by day – I enjoyed some hot chocolate today.



3 thoughts on “5 things for 30 days.

  1. MJ Cobra says:

    Cats and books make everything better. 🙂 Do you know how to speak and read Lithuanian, Russian, and English?? If so, that’s amazing! And I’m a little jealous… 😉 The pictures of you and your friend are adorable. I love the leaf one. Good for you in finding the positive parts of a tough month (I know this is an old post, but…). Happy 2017!


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