September! Autumn!

I always feel strange when Autumn comes.
Autumn for me is such depressing time but at the same time it can be the most adventurous, cosy and positive season. Season of great changes, thoughts.

And it’s not just me, I know some people who feel (kinda) the same way. In my opinion, it’s just because Autumn has something about itself what makes people step out of their comfort zone and do things they  didn’t thought they might. Yeah, probably because at September people start to remember that “to-do” lists with goals for a year they made in January haha:D

Personally, for me Autumn is a biiiig step. I get to survive all kind of sufferings and “die” with all nature which is getting weaker: leavs falling, grass gets “old”, weather becomes colder and so on. But this is a great opportunity for us to reborn later and give us a break for a while. BUT at the same time I feel like re-born-ing and blooming with gratefulness, joy, adventures, new things and it really warms me up to see happy and positive people when it’s Autumn, they are like a small sunrays for our cold days and I strive to be one of them.

Because of it, today, once again, I opened up my new notebook, new blank page and started planning my September: I do that “bullet journaling” thing so it’s easier for me to be productive and plan my time in a decent way. (and also – I did my nails today:D)
I set myself some goals I want sincerely to complete because I want this year to be amazing – I have gap year which I really want to use in my advance, take the most of it. (I have a job, so it will be a pleasure to enjoy my free days with some money:D)

One of the goals is to blog more and I wish I had what to write about. So I will try to do a lot of things this month. Wishing luck for myself!:D

And everyone reading this.



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