#2 WYD/JMJ/ŚDM: Kraków

Hey! This is my 2nd, and last one blog post about my time at World Youth Days at Krakow.
As I mentioned previously we went to Krakow after lunch on 25th of July. As we came there at evening and were introduced with rules and other useful things we need to know living in Seminary, we had nothing to do so we went Geocaching again.(pictures: 1st row) The following day me and my new friend went to visit “villages of the World” miniatures, situated next to our staying place.(pictures: 2nd row), went to St. John Paul II sanctuary and Divine Mercy sanctuary. At the evening we had Mass at Blonia Park aaand that’s probably it:?


27th of July was amazing. Out of this worle. Literally it was a blessing. That day was Salesian Youth Movement’s meeting and as I came to Krakow with Salesians I had to participate. It was BOILING HOT (I use this soo much:D) outside and we had to wait for about 20 minutes (or more) – no shadow nearby – to enter a hall where meeting took place. In addition to that, I was hungry and thirsty. Food we were given was veeeery goood, so it did pay of:D *-* and it was chilly inside. I don’t have a lot of pictures, I have more videos, but there are some pictures with people from different parts of the World.


After dances, chill and chatting time, eating, we had a concert which was sooo good. Songs were well-done and theatre performances were amazing. It was kind of musical? Anyway, it was amazing. I felt tired in a good way, inspired to do more and full of positive energy and love.Way back was tiring physically, because tram was filled with people in a way that no one could move, I got really weak and almost lost my consciousness,  I did fell on my knees and could not stand up in a while – actually I sat there for all way back to Seminary. I was cut away from my group so no one of them could help me :’) despite that, everything was amazing and magical:3

I was kinda disappointed because I have never been to Krakow and I wanted so bad and as I was there, day by day, it seemed to me that I  won’t get a chance to see Kracow, its streets and architecture, culture, people. But I was wrong and my wish came to reality 28th/07, we had free time for ourselves and we decided to go to Krakow Old Town which is amazing in a weird way. Every city has its old town, and it kinda looks the same?:D but Krakow, as a new city I have been to, was amazing and I fell in love.


After wandering around (without map:33) we went for lunch to “Cyklop”pizzeria and for 5 people had 3 different pizzas.


After this we went to Seminary and headed out to Blonia park for a Mass and a (rap) concert later. It was raining and I was soaking wet, tired but kinda satisfied with my day. Ofc, who wouldn’t be?
29th/07 wasn’t adventurous: Mass and that’s all what happened, but 30th was more interesting. Early in the morning we went to buy our tickets to Warsaw from where we could go to Vilnius. 


1st picture shows my reaction to my finger which was aching because of abscess, and it was funny because a lot of doctors there were exaggerating sooo much:D

After shopping we went for a small walk and later on, as we were back at Seminary, we went to Campus Misericordiae for all night and there were 1.5 million of people! (Everyone received a candle and it was an amazing view:3)
We had fun a little, and tried to cook foods on our flame (sausages, apples and bread:D)

In the morning  we had final Mass and later on we had to leave. Thousands of people were leaving Campus the same road as ambulance and police cars, so it was really hard to move and we walked about 300 meters for +-2.5 hours. It was boiling hot(:D) and later on it started to rain heavily 😀 We came back to Seminary, packed our bags and left to train station.


1: me with my kinda diary at the train. 2: music night at our friend’s place in Warsaw. 3&4&4: walk  at Warsaw for food(08.01) 5: (08.02) way back home.

All in all it was an amazing experience. I feel so much inspiration, love and peace within myself. And I am really excited it stayed with me so far, and I really hope it will live along with me. Within me. I have been thinking lately and asking myself, why I haven’t experienced such an event earlier? Because it had a huge impact on my daily life and changed my way of thinking about certain things.
I thank God everyday for the opportunity that He gave me, to see His creativity and greatness in places that I never thought I’d see. God is great and life is good.

Have an amazing and enjoyable last summer month.


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