#1 preWYD/JMJ/ŚDM: Kielce

Hello! Last two weeks I have been away to Poland, Krakow World Youth Days. Before Krakow I have spent a week in Kielce and without looong introduction I will share here my adventures.
We started our adventure on the 19th of July, travelling from Vilnius to Warsaw. In Warsaw (20.07), we had some free time before our bus to Kielce so we met some of our friends.

(I ate at KFC for the first time haha:D)
We came to Kielce and after leaving our bags, resting a bit and chatting with family members we went exploring city with Sebastian and Kasia who showed us some places; after that we met Gosia.


some sightseeing

Other day, 21st, was really hard, because it was boiling hot outside and we were going to Wislica, on foot for 7 km. I have no pictures, all I can say is that I met some new people, like Simon and Nobel. Nobel is really funny and open guy, I remember he asked, why Lithuania isn’t a colony of Poland:D Oh, what is more, it is really weird for me, that a lot of French/Belgian people don’t speak english that well.:o
Moving on to the next day, 22nd, we were travelling to Czestochowa, Jasna Gora.


There’s nothing to talk about too much, we just explored some places there as we had so little time. There were sooo many people! We were lucky to be there early, because later on it gets insane how many piligrim come.
23rd of July was more like a “chill day”. We were given free time and had tickets which allowed us to go to any museum at Kielce for free, so we managed to visit 5.


1st one – Museum of Contemporary Art. 7/10


2nd and 3rd.– Castle Hill & Institute of design and Centre of Patriotic and Civic Reflection. (pictures from CoPaCR (9.5/10), but we were at IoD, I just don’t have pictures because there was nothing interesting, one of the worst museums I have ever been to.



4th. This is the best museum – Museum of Toys and Play. It was really creepy, but sooo interesting *o*  10/10

5th museum , in my opinion, wasn’t that interesting as well, it was Kielce History Museum. I love history, just that museum somehow wasn’t something I expected. 5/10

24th of July. Officially last day at Kielce. We went Geocaching in the early morning and found some geocaches.Later we had a picnic at Weronika’s place with two lovely girls which I liked soooo much! After that we went to a concert.9wyd

25th was the very last day at Kielce, because after lunch we went to Krakow. But about week at Krakow and actual Youth Days there I will write in a next post.

Stay inspired and explore as much, as far, as often as You can.


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