#2 WYD/JMJ/ŚDM: Kraków

Hey! This is my 2nd, and last one blog post about my time at World Youth Days at Krakow. As I mentioned previously we went to Krakow after lunch on 25th of July. As we came there at evening and were introduced with rules and other useful things we need to know living in Seminary, we had nothing to … Continue reading #2 WYD/JMJ/ŚDM: Kraków


#1 preWYD/ŚDM: Kielce

Hello! Last two weeks I have been away to Poland, Krakow, for World Youth Days. Before Krakow I have spent a week in Kielce and without looong introduction I will share here my adventures. We started our trip on the 19th of July, travelling from Vilnius to Warsaw. In Warsaw (20.07), we had some free time before … Continue reading #1 preWYD/ŚDM: Kielce