Easy curd donuts

Hey! In this post I will write about donuts I made recently. Curd donuts are suuuper easy and cheap but tasty treat to do. Also, You have to fry these, so if You don’t have oven (like me) but You want to make some tasty treat – here’s one of those recipes.

To cook something was one of my goals this month and I thought that I will make these for my soul mate as He is coming back from camp and we haven’t seen each other for more than a week, so it would be a nice greeting treat. So, here are all ingredients:


*Big spoon was for sugar and floursmaller one – for baking powder and I mixed everything with a fork just because I have no wooden spoon, but it turned out good anyways*

  1.  Add 450 grams of curd into Your big mixing bowl and mix it with 6 big tbsp of sugar.
  2. Next add in 3 eggs, but I recommend You to add them separately, not all at once.
  3. Into a mixture add in half of tbsp of baking powder and 6 tbs of flour, but try adding bit by bit , e.g. 3 spoons, mix, add the following 3 and mix well again.
  4. Mix everything until You have a sticky and hardly mixing dough.
  5. Water Your hands (so it won’t stick) and form donuts out of Your dough. (make smaller ones than mine – donuts get bigger as it fries)
  6. Formed donuts put into a deep saucepan with hot oil in it (let your donuts ‘swim’ in oil.)
  7. Put 3-4 into saucepan at once, fry for +-3 minutes until golden and hollow. Take them out, put on a newspaper for rest. After a while put on a dish to serve.
  8. While hot sprinkle with granulated sugar for more sweetness and look.
    4BeFunky Collage

I got 26 with this recipe. Then donuts were chilled I put them into a box and made a small note for my friend. He looked excited!, yay! 😀

So this was a recipe and process.:D
bon apetit,



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