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It’s kinda funny to write these things because I have never thought I would, but hey, let’s try:D
Not much happened since my last post, I have been trying to accomplish things and it’s waay easier to do everything when it’s written down and You have it in front of You. I am still experimenting and trying to make my own journal, but I can’t really think of the most handy and comfortable to use. Yet still – I am successfully doing my daily goals and today I will write about some of those here.
One the weekly thing I had to do is to buy shoes. YES, I had to put it in a list in case of not forgetting and just having it on my mind. So today, I went to a Deichmann and bought myself ‘Graceland’ ankle strap sandals.

00BeFunky Collage22

I think these are very cute and comfortable. I will wear those for my prom on the next week and later on I will wear these on every-day basis.

Next things I got is eyeliner, because my recently ‘died’ and I love eyeliner too much to stop using it, I look weird without it D: I got a simple black eyeliner from “Golden rose” , it’s one of those more cheaper eyeliners but it works perfectly, it’s not too watery and has a really nice pigmented black colour which holds perfectly all day.
Also I picked up dry shampoo which I am curious to try out because I never used it before. (I bought it for my trip to Cracow.)
After shopping I took my mother ice skating. It was fun, although I fell down several times and it was really cold later. Mom took some pictures of me, blurry, but nevermind

0BeFunky Collage21

I kinda like these:D
After ice skating we were soooo tired, it was my mother’s first time, so it’s normal but  can’t remember being tired after my first time. I was feeling good.
So am I now. I might go to sleep maybe, it’s raining calmly outside. And I did my best today.
Well, I tried.