Long weekend


Last week was crazy – last exam, dance lessons, getting my last school-related work done, huuuge home tidying : throwing away all things I had from 12 years of school and of course procrastination – these things were my only activity. But, there was also a really relaxing and nice trip with my friends A. and M. to Trakai.
Trakai is an “island” situated near Vilnius, city there I do live. It is almost 30 km away form the capital, so we thought we could go by train. So we did.


 Time spent together was super cool and fun. I was really happy and relieved. We had a picnic near the river and later on went boat riding/swimming(?) at Galve lake. (and ate a cake in the middle of lake:D ) After that we wandered around and went home.

zновый коллаж

Highlight of our picnic – watermelon! My friends siting on a blanket, me swimming on a boat and showing something and ice cream to make our wandering sweeter.

It is boiling hot in Lithuania and there is nothing much to do besides laying on a blanket sunbathing or going swimming. It is not that fun for me because I can’t swim >< but hey, hopefully I will learn this summer!
and now I have to go and do some work at home:’) cool summer can wait, right:’)

I hope everyone will have/is having adventurous summer so far, take advantages of summer and make every day count,


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