Last 9 days


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Finally I have proper internet connection and some spare time to write here. It’s my first blog post from Cracow, Poland since I’ve recently moved in here. I am still trying to settle down and make my corner cozier, but I am getting there pretty soon.
It’s raining today and I feel kinda nostalgic and guilty for not writing this post for such a long time, but I will do it eventually. Now.
What I would like to share here today is how I spent my last 9 days in Vilnius. It might not the thaaat interesting, but I have some good things I would like to share.
19th.09 // Tuesday// Week before I went to a tattoo salon and made an appointment for a tattoo. And on the 19th of September I did it! To be completely honest, I had another idea of this tattoo and at first I wasn’t quite sure whether I like the sketch or not. I liked daisies (because that’s my sketch) but I wasn’t sure about those twigs tattoo artist added. But I did it anyways because overall it looked nice. And once I had it, I fell in love and I do not want it any other way.
20th.09 // Wednesday// This day was one of the best ones. I have been waiting for this day for such a long time: it was my last day at work. I could not be more happy about it and I am still very pleased. I did not like being barista (at the end) and I was terrible at it, especially at communicating with people. So that day I was set free.
21st.09 //
Thursday// 6 days left till my leaving. Which means its time to start going out with my close friends for “the last time”. So I went to meet my close friend K, and that was amazing, since we were together,  laughing and talking like it used to be. And that was a quality time, which happens not that often.
22nd.09 // Friday// On this day I had a meeting with scouts. I love every girl in my troop, this is important to me, and it was a good feeling to be among them for the last time in a while.

23rd.09 // Saturday// This day was extremely mad. I had photoshoot in the morning and after noon I had to meet with my friend A and her friend M which came to visit us from Poland. Photoshoot was a huuge success, I believe, it’s one of the best ones I had (well, I had only a few, but anyways:D ) pictures are soo dope, unfortunately, I can’t share it since I don’t have those yet, but I might once I’ll have it. With my friend-photographer we went to the Cat Caffe, cafeteria with cats in it. Soo cute, cats there are so lovely.
After this I ran on another meeting. We had fun in Holy Donut, place there You can eat heavenly donuts and enjoy some tasty tea.
24th.09 // Sunday// Today A, M and me went to Trakai. It’s nice to show someone my city and its local, let’s say, neighbourhood, since it’s also my last days here. We tried kibinai, which were my first kibinai in Trakai ever, later on we bought some sweets, visited the castle and got a boat to swim around, which was lovely. We sat down by the river and were attacked by a swan family, it was fun. not scary at all… 😉 😀
25th.09 // Monday// This day I spent in village at my grandmother’s. Nothing special about that, just a cozy day in my childhood lane.
26th/27th.09 // Tuesday// Last packing day. Did some shopping of things I needed and packed my bags.
Wednesday// Church. Sleep. Way to Warsaw.

To be honest I really wanted to go there and still I feel no longing, I have no regrets and am not homesick at all. I feel happy here, I am good here. I was good in Vilnius, but I needed Cracow for my personal reasons.. and for now – I am not disappointed. and hopefully – I won’t be.



Next stop: Zakopane.


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Once I came home from London I had 4 full days of work and meantime I had to pack for another exciting yet waaay different trip.
This trip was a dream coming true, since I wanted to go to the mountains for a reaaally long time and now I got the opportunity so I used it.

We stopped in one school near Zakopane, left our things there and took most necessary ones and went into the wild!
First goal was Morskie Oko. 


some sights on our way to Morskie Oko. The path was easy and view was too good to be captured on camera.


This is actually Morskie Oko. (literally “Sea Eye”). The water there is so so clear, blue and clean! It’s cold, though. Morskie Oko is one of the most popular destinations in the Tatras (in Poland) and now, since I saw it myself, it’s not even a question why it’s so popular. I am actually really happy that such a breathtaking place is popular. This is the largest and almost the deepest lake in Tatra Mountains and it’s really accessable for anyone. And it’s worth the effort..

Sitting and chilling there was a true bliss. I was surrounded by high mountains, wild nature and amazing people. What could be better?


We took some more pictures together…

…and went further on our main goal – Rysy. Rysy is the highest peak of Tatra Mountains in Poland (2.499m), other, even higher peaks are situated in Slovakia.


On our way to Polish Rysy.

We did not managed to get there, actually. We gave up since it started getting dark real quick and it was freezing. We came to the conclusion that it would be too risky to go any further, not even knowing exactly where and how long it will take. It was a hard, rocky path, which was really uneasy for me considering my anemia, cold and tiredness. Yet we made it to The Black Lake below Mount Rysy (Czarny Staw pod Rysami) and a went a bit higher till we could clearly see both Morskie oko and Black Lake together. Way down wasn’t easy as well, it was dark and the path was steep.
There are too many pictures and making collages it kind of useless since it doesn’t show the beauty of it, so here’s a slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After spending night in Morskie Oko Mountain Hut, we packed our bags and decided on our new destination, new peak to reach – Kasprowy Wierch. Kasprowy Wierch is 1987 m. high, so it’s not that high as Rysy. You can reach Kasper Peak by cable car, yet we did it ourselves. Path was easy at first, yet to reach the very top of it you had to sacrifice all strength you had. It was uneasy for me, I had not much water and backpack was getting heavier with every step, sometimes I would crawl, had a lot of breaks, enjoyed other Tatry mounts. That peak is probably the most popular one, since it’s not that high in comparison, yet still gives amazing view and is easy accessible.


1, 2 & 3 – our way up // 4 – chilling on top B) 😀

We got to the top, I was one of the first to reach (surprise, surprise:D),  we were sooo hungry that we decided to go and eat before capturing and savoring a moment. -.- (food there tastes better tho)
Weather was horrible. Well, sun was shining, but the wind was really cold and strong, I couldn’t feel any warmth. My pictures aren’t the best, but here’s another slide show of them :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On our last day we went to Gorące Potoki – water park with thermal pools. I learnt how to swim so I was more than happy! Now I hope I won’t lose my basic swimming skill until the next time 😀 it was very fun and pleasant, since water was soooo warm or hot.. It was everything I needed after two days crawling up and down.
We headed home after pool and dinner later, way back home was extremely fun c:

As for now I am cheering for the wonderful time I had. That was a really nice end of the summer and this trip was something like a spontaneous, blank space, which You could fill in with everygoddamnthing You wanted. This year so far was hell of the year and I am more than happy to welcome another chapter of this year which will definitely be life changing. And I am welcoming it with my very open hands and huuugge sunny smile.



You are so busy, my lovely London


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About two weeks ago me and my friend stepped to an airport for the first time. We were tired but excited because of our trip to London, where we would meet our other friend and wander around past some places on our prepared lists. It was a dream come true.


Warsaw – our first destination. My friend fell asleep in the airport, yet I didn’t and I wasn’t sleeping for 24 hrs.

Day one: typical London’s weather & typical London places
Our first flight was a success and we were really happy about the clouds, being comfortable, warm.. Yet once we stepped out in Luton’s airport (which is a crazy place) it was freezing. Wind was cold and unpleasant. We found our way to the bus stop and went to the city. We were kinda sleepy but we couldn’t stop admiring the landscape, cars, houses and the level of admiration went up when we were in London.
Once we were at her place, had breakfast, unpacked – we went for a walk.


Bullet building // Underground trips // Soho


fragment of the Trafalgar square // The National Gallery // China Town entry


awkwardly happy me w/ Big Ben // My friend w/ Big Ben // Big Ben


Tower bridge, of course

It seems like we haven’t seen a lot, but we were so tired and so overwhelmed by the city and its people.

Day twoooo: still a tourist and weather hater

That day was exciting, we went to the Natural History museum, which I enjoyed a lot. It was crowded, of course, and some things You barely could see, touch or try yourself due to that constant variety of people. It’s actually waaay easier to tell everything with photographs, so take a look:


me being legit scared of a dinosaur 🙂 🙂 // way up : earthquakes and stones display, I love stones 😀 so that was interesting for me. It was beautiful! // another one, floating dinosaur! scary and majestic. // me with a Jupiter. ^_^ somewhere in the Space related exhibition.//

These pictures are actually a drop in the ocean, Museum itself is huuuuuge.. it takes some hours to go through everything. So after that we went…


somewhere to the Buckingham Palace through the Marble Arch (it’s not the same Arch as there’s on a picture, I just can’t remember what this one is…>< yet it’s close, I promise!) // My friend showing You a Buckingham’s Palace // Us both :3 // our treat which was heavenly.

before running out of ideas what to fit into that day, we went on a..


..double-decker! // to Sherlock Holmes House on Baker Street. // Big Ben was asking for a selfie on our way back home, so we shoot one. B) // Aaaand I took one for Biggie personally. With random dude. ><

As I write about it now it seems like how could we get so tired, but we were… so we went home, chilled for a bit and went to see night London.

After that we came back, had a drink and ordered some food. yuuummm.

Day threeee already??: Is math related to science and other existential questions.

It’s a dead meme already, but I could find out myself: is math related to science? at The Museum of Science.


Basically, two pictures in the middle are from that Museum. That was probably the worst museum for me.. I had some expectations and that place happened to be not even close to that, maybe that’s why I did not enjoy it too much. // Afterwards we went to Starbucks where I got Chai tea, which wasn’t even close to what I have expected – again. And my name was spelled badly:D which I am used to, so it’s okay. 

We were running out of ideas what to do, so we went to the Greenwich. It was raining and that made my crisis deeper:D Greenwich was my main dream and goal last year, as a place to live and study and seeing it now, as probably the prettiest place in whole London (in my opinion) made me regret my decisions once more, luckily, for a bit.


these are just small fragments of Greenwich.

I don’t want to get into details and I don’t have too much pictures since it was raining and I was a bit scared for my camera. But that place is really beautiful and seems like a nice runaway for tired ones.

time flies aka day four: Goals of London’s sad criminal.

whoa, jovi, what a smart day title, You may think. 😀 but let me explain myself.


Picture from the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral. That was my goal. To enter it. To be there for a while. Let me be honest – it is forbidden to take pictures in there, yet I saw people taking some so I did the same. And this first picture is the only one I am sharing, other ones – from the inside – I am leaving only for myself, my mother and granny. I took pictures – did the forbidden, so I am not sharing. // Me sitting on a REGULAR bench in Covent Garden Market.. unbelievable. If we had these in Vilnius, they would be destroyed on their first day or filled with kids growing up too fast 24/7 // After that we went to the National Gallery and saw masterpieces there of both known and unknown artists. // After hours of wanderings we went back home to pack our bags since we had flight that night. But before that we went on another walk through night London… was just two of us, since one girl wasn’t feeling too well to go. So we wandered around, shared stories and I had an ability to say personal goodbye and stuff.. Generally, it was kind of a sad time with a lot of talks on sensible topics and there is nothing more I want to tell here about it. We came home. Had some toasted bread. Took our bags and went to crazy Luton, where we got on our plane to Warsaw. From Warsaw we had a bus to Vilnius, our home.

To conclude everything – London is a busy place with reckless and careless drivers, people in a hurry, lots of rain, heavy and grey clouds, sweet tea and majestic architecture. There is always something happening and life never stops there. It is a big, full of possibilities and breathtaking city. And I am sure I will be back someday. But maybe again, just for a while.

I should be sleeping.


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Being armpit-busy whilst going through 9 circles of hell is not the best feeling, actually.

At this point I am more happy and excited to quit my job than go for my studies abroad. I had to go through some circles recently (and I still am), feeling all the blues and loneliness.
While I am waiting for my analog pictures (which have to be ready on Monday or Tuesday) I might just share here some things which are not work-related and make me happy. And still I remain really grateful for anything what is happening (except work><) to keep me distracted and joyful.

I don’t know how but I feel really blessed to have some people who will appear out of nowhere and ask how am I, asking me when I’m free to hang out or just wishing to talk. And even if they won’t know how messed up I feel their presence will be the best cure and therapy I might have. Some events and circumstances make me happy, also. As if someone is watching and taking care of me sending all this on my way.
Sometimes I go crazy and buy myself flowers because I like it and I want to “treat myself” 😀 I loooove Sunflowers, this flower is so joyful and happy so I bought myself some to cheer myself up. And it helps, for a while.
I love meeting people. It happens not so often since I work a lot, but once I am hanging out with someone – it’s always fun and worth writing. It is nice to share thoughts, laughs ,eat together and just wander around the city, discover every corner of it, finding and devouring its architecture and its life.
With my other friend here, we tried to take a “family photo”. Us and a pug.
That walk was extremely fun and pleasing. I left my phone at home to charge and we took a camera and a pug for a walk in woods. Maybe that was my phone, since I didn’t have it I could sincerely pay attention to my friend and nature, and that made me really happy. To be present and pay attention and feel so much closer to someone I didn’t in a while. We had a normal talk, like it use to be.
And we might meet soon. I don’t know…

…my life is crazy, and I try my best to stay strong and love it. Yet right now, I should be sleeping before my upcoming 4 days of work. August seems to be even more wild. But I am happy to see what it will bring. Right now I have to get ready for my trip to London and Zakopane later. And a ton of work, meetings, University stuff and documents. Oh, and my well-mental-being, how could I forget. :’D
I wish myself good luck. I will need it. And I’m wishing well for every body. In case somebody will read it.




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Hello c:
today I had a good day and thought I might share it here.
While I am waiting for my pictures from Cracow I will share some pictures of me.:D
I met my friend today which I haven’t seen in a while, we went for a walk and she took some pictures of me – some of them I consider really nice, let me put it here

I don’t really know how to pose so I always end up being really awkward, especially with my hands, I don’t know where to put it 😀
Here I am sincerely about to discover something…..
I look super confused but I promise, I was really excited to find out I have pockets in my dress:D
This is that kind of a picture which You really like at first because awww look at that smile and joy and whatsoever… yet once You watch too much You might start to unlike it:D at least I have this thing with this picture.
I don’t know, this is just a simple picture of me with some flowers, nothing special and somehow I kinda like it. It’s okay, I mean. This picture somehow reminds me of Cracow and by the way, I got accepted to the University and tomorrow I am going to Cracow with my documents to legally become a student. I don’t know, I have mixed feeling on that, but maybe about that anytime later.
These two are probably my favorites. Especially the second one, it is just so artsy and cool:D Sunray is real there, not edited or Photoshoped. My jaw line looks fiiiine and I don’t know, I just like this one. However the first one is more sincere, cute and positive. This is never ugly. (but my face is kinda ???:D)

In general, I am enjoying my, finally, warm days. I work extra hours and had a lot of stress due to my documents and things related so I think that’s really beneficial to take a while and just be and enjoy Your free, in a way, time. At nights after work I watch Vikings, I got really hooked.  And probably I will go and watch some now.

Have a nice evening and week!


One day.


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Yeah, my day off.

I was planning this day so much since I was bored and sick of work yet still it took a slight turn. And although nothing too much happened I would like to write about it here.

Surprisingly I woke up kinda early, before my alarm. Since I’m not able to rest for a really long time now it was really unexpected to wake up that early, probably my biological clock is messed up. PhotoGrid_1498057752987.jpg

I got out of bed, cleaned my room a bit while water was boiling, ate little and started my morning routine, which, in fact, consists of only washing my face and brushing teeth:D (ALSO can You see how I love rabbits)
I started procrastinating with YouTube, checked email, did some bookings.. put on some make up and nice clothes and went out to complete my day.
I bought some (okay, a lot of) socks I needed and headed out to the Gym. I bought my membership in April and I really loved it (although my personal trainer wasn’t so good or useful and I would always feel bad near him) and after our last training with him (before Easter in May) I slacked off and going there today, after all this time, was a really stressful and awkward feeling.. I found myself going anywhere but gym thinking of any reasons I shouldn’t go.

Yet I ended up there. And also, it was my first time going there alone. So that’s an achievement for me:D (a multiple, actually.) I couldn’t do much but still proud of myself and my babysteps.
After Gym I went on another cardio – shopping.:’) I spent waaay too much money on unnecessary things, like
Processed with VSCO with  preset
but it’s cute. I needed that. I will wear it. It was on sale okay? Well, at least I comfort myself like that:D

Today’s weather was unsettled, where was that gale-force-wind and I was really scared it would blow away not only my cap but me as well. Seriously. BUT AT THE same time sun was shining with no shame and rain started pouring down and sun was shining again the other second and ANYWAY. I was at the park sitting under the Jasmin tree (which actually dragged me to that place), enjoying gusts of wind, sunshine and moment itself.PhotoGrid_1498057899460
obviously I had to take some pictures, I love the scent, tree, and everything.

Place had a little bush of roses, too. It was lovely.
On my way back home it started raining and I was unable to pick up some field flowers to bring home but maybe I will be able to do it tomorrow. Of course, I had no umbrella so I got soaking wet and now I will cuddle up with my blanket and hope I won’t get sick. I think I will chill and binge-watch some Shane conspiracy videos once more.. or ridiculous videos of him trying on girly stuff. I don’t even know:o

Tomorrow (I hope) I will be home alone so I will be able to learn something on my Ukulele. I have a playlist of songs which I would really like to learn, BUT it will be hard and I don’t know how to do so since not every song has any type of tutorial on the Internet.. but maybe I will manage to learn by myself >< so I would use any help :’) or I will give up D: I HOPE NOT

aaaanyway. That’s it. Yeeah. Going on YouTube now, bye!:D


p.s. I am really happy being able to chill, seriously.  Had a really harsh and stressful period recently so it’s sooooo refreshing to walk there enjoying myself. Having time for myself. Being excited of everything turning out really well. I would totally recommend it to anyone!

It’s raining


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So I’ve been working for a really long time with no day off and it’s raining when I have one. Great.
Yet still I try to enjoy it and make it productive. And one of the things I wanted to do is to write here something because this time I definitely have something to share and just want to talk here.
After a gap year I decided to go and study in Poland, Cracow, preferably. And since I have so little time left here I want to take my time here and fall in love with Vilnius as many times as possible. To discover it, go to places I’ve never been before. To learn.
And recently on my day off I met my friend and we decided to wander around, then she got a phone call from her mother asking, if we would like to go to the National Opera and Ballet Theatre in Vilnius. Of course, we agreed yet we were not ready in any way. We had so little time to get dressed, yet we made it in a way, and had fun watching “Die Fledermaus” (“The Bat” J. Strauss) – operette which I enjoyed. I thought I would be bored or annoyed by singing, yet I really liked it. 1

I wasn’t allowed to film or take pictures of any scene, yet I took some on a break.
To go there was one of my goals by the time I leave. Tickets there are pricy and I am so happy I was able to go there for free! It was an amazing experience and I couldn’t be more thankfull for being in the right place at the right time. (although I wasn’t dressed well for such an occasion, ugh, it doesn’t matter:D)

Yesterday I went to the library and got my hand on the book I wanted to read for a really long time, my friend suggested me this and I tried looking up for it and yesterday was the day I got it!:D later I wandered through the city. Went to the cinema. And that’s it, I guess.:D
The weather today if quite bad: heavy wind, rain, yet temperature is not so low. Today I was in the Church and went home after that. Now I will chill, plan my another month, do some research and take some decisions on my future studies.
I brought some lilac home and it smells fantastic over here. I love it!

That was a quick post on my recent activity and some happiness.


Spring-ish time in film


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It’s been almost 3 months since I shared here me analog camera pictures. I was feeling sad about it, because it seemed to me that I wasn’t progressing and making any good shots. As if I was just wasting my time, money, and my effort isn’t buying off. But I tried once again and today got my pictures which, to be honest, made me feel really good and I am kind of proud of myself this time. It was really cold recently, (we had snow!:O) and now it is slowly getting more and more warm and I couldn’t be more happy about it!
OKAY, so let me show You what I’ve got.


this picture isn’t the best technically, but I love that natural flare


just Vilnius


more city

Moving on away from the city..


I like this one really much somehow


This one is so delicate and I am reaaaally happy this one turned out actually focused veeery good!


This is a mysterious one! 


this one is so simple, yet I like it somehow


I can’t put in words how happy I am of this picture being completely out of focus. It looks bad technically, but I love the idea I put here (not even on purpose)

Okay, so here were all the pictures I wanted to share. Might be not that much, I tried to put together all the better and worth showing ones, in my opinion.
To end this post I would like to insert a picture of me taken on my film camera by my friend and wish everyone who read this amazing and warm May!

Stay inspired and cused,



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Last year I graduated and decided, that it would be better if I go for a gap year and spend this year on something else rather than University. Yet in this spring I had to study for my University entry exams in order to get not only on my course but also a fellowship, funding possibilities. AND I DID IT.
Yes, since I registered for my exams I thought I will study so hard, as we probably all say during our exams. But reality was kind of different. Since I had a gap year I did not studied a thing so it was a challenge to make myself do it, as if I had to learn how to study once again. I started studying like…2-ish weeks before my polish and history exams and only week before I took it much more seriously.
Yesterday was the great day of my exams. Polish, first exam, was ridiculously easy yet the next one -history- was waaay harder. It was not something I expected and it was a pity I studied things which did not appeared on the exam. I was kinda disappointed on my wasted time. And todays was the day when I got my results. And it was waaay better than I could ever ask for. I got 215 out of 250, which I consider a great score! And I am reaaaally proud of myself. And now I can simply enjoy things the things I did – with ease. c: And I am enjoying a loooot of great thing. Life is beautiful. life is good.
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
There’s a spring-ish photo of me and my narcissus. I am happy.

Cracow, see You in a bit.
I hope, oh I hope.


Spring’s mixtape


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Long time no post. Upcoming exams, studies, work, writing, drawing, learning, meetings, worries and other spontaneous things I have to do at a time keep me armpit-busy. Yet right now I am feeling a bit under the weather with a terrible flu so I thought it’s about a time to write here and share my favorite music or musicians, bands at the moment, which I may find therapeutic, fun or just enjoyable in a way.


I get so much great use of Spotify thanks to my friend. I mean, brother:D aaah wouldn’t that be the same OH come on let’s talk about music.:D


Glass Animals is a band I know for a while yet I never actually listened to them and recently I discovered their ZABA album which was released in 2014, and YES I discovered it just now. I like that album in general, the way it looks and sounds. But mostly I like Pools and Black Mambo songs, so I listen to these more.
Now, A$AP ROCKY is someone I was avoiding for a really long time. He seemed to me such uninteresting persona and I jumped into conclusion that I won’t like his songs. Yet here I am, listening to Electric Body and Love$ick. Yes, I don’t enjoy his every song, I am really picky and these two just seem ‘right’.
I like indie rock/pop music so Young the Giant is just right. And here, still, I remain picky, yet I can’t just sit calmly listening to Silvertongue or other songs. It gets me sooo hyped and I like that really much.
I told about being picky on A$AP ROCKY as a rapper, yet here I am with Joey Bada$$. I know him for a while since my close friend loves him, yet I never got to listen to him by my own, and Spotify makes that so easy. First song I heard from him is Hazeus View and since then it remains my favorite one. Still, I am picky with rap so it’s hard for me to enjoy his every song, yet I like most of them.
Flume, oh my dear Flume. This is something I never thought I would like. But I love Skin album, especially Skin Companion’s EP I and II – especially.

Let’s hurt tonight is a song by OneRepublic, which I love since it’s been released. Do I even have to comment on that?
NOW. KENDRICK LAMAR. I don’t even know where to start my description on how much do I love him and his music.  And HUMBLE just had to be on my playlist since its day one. I love it. Oh I love it so much. I love Kendrick. aaagh
I have no idea how The Baseballs got to be on my playlist with their funky covers yet I really enjoy it, they make me feel so happy and hyper with Lucky Guy (because I feel kinda lucky and joyful mostly so this became my mantra hahah)
Good, old Ben Howard. His songs are not new on my playlist, although Only Love is. I don’t know how could I miss such song. I love it. It’s more melancholic on the contrary, yet it’s just right after a long, busy and hard day.

And that’s probably it. A lot of songs are not new or most recent and popular, yet I just felt like sharing it here now. And yes, that’s not everything I listen to, obviously.
Right now, I’m gonna take on my headphones and search for a bike, write some letters and schedule my upcoming week. It’s Easter! Resurrection Sunday! I am excited!

Have a nice weekend, y’all.,

OH AND BY THE WAY.  My Spotify username: yoweeta